Conference Program

We are happy to publish the conference program for ComputEL-4. This page will be updated as the organizing committee schedules exact times for presentations.

Below is the list of accepted papers and their authors:

Paper TitleAuthor(s)
Migration of Small and Endangered Languages into the WikipediaArmin Hoenen and Marc D. Rahn
Translating Fieldwork into Datasets: the development of a corpus for the quantitative investigation of grammatical phenomena in EibelaGrant Aiton
Towards an Open Source Finite-State Morphological Analyzer for Zacatlán-Ahuacatlán-Tepetzintla NahuatlRobert Pugh and Francis Tyers
The language documentation quartetSimon Musgrave and Nick Thieberger
LARA in the Service of Revivalistics and Language Documentation: Community Engagement and Endangered LanguagesBranislav Bédi, Hanieh Habibi, Nedelina Ivanova, Neasa Ní Chiaráin, Manny Rayner, Sigurður Vigfússon and Ghil’Ad Zuckermann
User-friendly Automatic Transcription of Low-resource Languages: Plugging ESPnet into ElpisOliver Adams, Benjamin Galliot, Guillaume Wisniewski, Nicholas Lambourne, Ben Foley, Rahasya Sanders-Dwyer, Janet Wiles, Alexis Michaud, Séverine Guillaume, Laurent Besacier, Christopher Cox, Katya Aplonova, Guillaume Jacques and Nathan Hill
Advances in Low Resource and Endangered LanguagesEvelyne Tzoukermann and Jason D. Duncan
The Usefulness of Bibles in Low-Resource Machine TranslationLing Liu, Zach Ryan and Mans Hulden
Theoretical and methodological considerations on building a corpus of Tundra NenetsNikolett Mus and Réka Metzger
Fossicking in dominant language teaching: Javanese and Indonesian ‘low’ varieties in language teaching resourcesZara Maxwell-Smith
Integrating Automated Segmentation and Glossing into Documentary and Descriptive LinguisticsSarah Moeller and Mans Hulden
A Digital Corpus of St. Lawrence Island YupikLane Schwartz, Emily Chen, Hyunji Hayley Park, Edward Jahn and Sylvia L.R. Schreiner
“Mansi corPŌS”: Archiving Mansi written materials published between 1937 and 2020Csilla Horvath
Expanding the JHU Bible corpus with the Indigenous languages of North AmericaGarrett Nicolai, Edith Coates, Ming Zhang and Miikka Silfverberg
Computational Analysis versus Human Intuition: A Critical Comparison of Vector Semantics with Manual Semantic Classification in the Context of Plains Cree
Daniel Dacanay, Atticus Harrigan and Antti Arppe
A Faroese part-of-speech tagger built with Icelandic methods

Hinrik Hafsteinsson and Anton Karl Ingason
mScrabble: A Multilingual Scrabble and Lexicon CollectorRitesh Kumar, Bornini Lahiri and Siddharth Singh
Lexeme: the Concept of System and the Creation of Speech Corpora for Two Endangered LanguagesIvan Ubaleht
Developing a Shared Task for Speech Processing on Endangered LanguagesGina-Anne Levow, Emily Ahn and Emily M. Bender
The Relevance of the Source Language in Transfer Learning for ASRNils Hjortnaes, Niko Partanen, Michael Rießler and Francis M. Tyers