Special Theme Session: Partnerships in Practice

At the 5th Workshop on the Use of Computational Methods in the Study of Endangered Languages (ComputEL-5), in conjunction with ACL in Dublin, May 26-27, 2022


Updates/News (9 March 2022): Submission link added (see below)

Call for Presentations – Special Theme Session

The theme for this Special Session at ComputEL-5 is “Partnerships in Practice”.  The goal of this Special Theme Session is to increase our shared understanding of how best to work together across disciplinary and cultural boundaries to support community goals for language revitalization.

We invite presentations that address two broad topics: (1) Lessons Learned from Existing Partnerships and (2) Solicitations for Future Partnerships.

  1. Presentations that describe existing partnerships between language communities, documentary linguists and computational linguists. We encourage submissions which address questions such as:
    1. how did the team members meet and come to work together?
    2. what projects have you worked on, and what tools and resources have you created?
    3. how have those tools and resources benefitted community efforts at language maintenance and revitalization?
    4. what are some challenges (logistical, technical, interdisciplinary, intercultural) that you encountered, and how did you address them?
    5. how have you balanced the needs and priorities of different team members through the lifespan of the project?
    6. what lessons have you learned that might benefit other similar collaborations
  2. Presentations that describe a project between a language community and a documentary linguist, where they have identified a need for assistance from a computational linguist.  We encourage submissions which address questions such as:
    1. how did the project come about and what are its goals?
    2. what tools or resources, if any, has the team been able to produce so far?
    3. what other tools or resources do you wish to create, and what challenges are you facing in creating them? 
    4. how do you see that the project might benefit from assistance from a computationally-oriented linguist?  

In addition to the presentations in this Special Theme Session, we will also be incorporating time in the conference schedule for structured group discussions on these topics.

Submissions to the Special Theme Session

Please submit anonymous abstracts of up to 1500 words, excluding references. 

Submissions with participation from community members are strongly encouraged. 

The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2022 (Anywhere on Earth).

Submissions are to be undertaken through OpenReview via the following link:


NOTE! Be aware that OpenReview requires registration, which for first-time registrants takes 12 hours to become activated – so do not leave your registration until the last minute!

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by April 1, 2022.

All authors of papers in the Special Theme Session will be invited to contribute to a follow-up paper that synthesizes the findings of the Session.

Important Dates:

15-March-2022        Deadline for submission of abstracts

1-April-2022              Notification of acceptance

26 and 27 May-2022    Workshop and Special Theme Session

Workshop format/venue and the COVID-19 pandemic

Our current intention is for ComputEL-5 to take place in person following the main conference hosted in Dublin. The workshop will be a virtual/in-person hybrid event. Ability to attend the workshop in person will not affect consideration of submissions.

Contact – website and email

For further information, please consult our website: https://computel-workshop.org/special-theme-session-partnerships-in-practice/

or email us at: