ComputEL-3 will be held during Tue-Wed February 26-27, 2019, in the Asia Room in the Imin Center of the University of Hawai’i in Manoa (see full MAP). This is in the same building where the ICLDC6 conference will be held immediately after our workshop.


Accepted and confirmed presentations (both papers and extended abstracts):

Atticus Harrigan, Antti Arppe and Timothy Mills A Preliminary Plains Cree Speech Synthesizer
Daan van Esch, Ben Foley and Nay San Future Directions in Technological Support for Language Documentation
Eddie Antonio Santos OCR evaluation tools for the 21st century
Francis M. Tyers, Jonathan Washington and Darya Kavitskaya Biscriptual morphological transducer for Crimean Tatar
Graham Neubig, Patrick Littell, Chian-Yu Chen, Jean Lee, Zirui Li, Yu-Hsiang Lin and Yuyan Zhang Towards a General-Purpose Linguistic Annotation Backend
Inam Ullah Digital Dictionary Development for Torwali, a less-studied language: Process and Challenges
Jeffrey Micher Bootstrapping a Neural Morphological Generator from Morphological Analyzer Output for Inuktitut
Karol Nowakowski, Michal Ptaszynski, Fumito Masui and Yoshio Momouchi Applying Support Vector Machines to POS tagging of the Ainu Language
Kelly Berkson, Samson Lotven, Peng Hlei Thang, Thomas Thawngza, Zai Sung, James Wamsley, Francis Tyers, Kenneth Van Bik, Sandra Kübler, Donald Williamson and Matthew Anderson Building a Common Voice Corpus for Laiholh (Hakha Chin)
Kristen Howell, Olga Zamaraeva and Emily M. Bender Handling cross-cutting properties in automatic inference of lexical classes: A case study of Chintang
Lane Schwartz, Emily Chen, Benjamin Hunt and Sylvia L.R. Schreiner Bootstrapping a Neural Morphological Analyzer for St. Lawrence Island Yupik from a Finite-State Transducer
Linda Wiechetek, Sjur Nørstebø Moshagen and Kevin Brubeck Unhammer Tokenization and disambiguation of potential compounds in North Sámi grammar checking
Luke Gessler Developing without developers: choosing labor-saving tools for language documentation apps
Mika Hämäläinen and Jack Rueter Finding Sami Cognates with a Character-Based NMT Approach
Rebecca Everson, Wolf Honore and Scott Grimm An Online Platform for Community-Based Language Description and Documentation
Rogier Blokland, Niko Partanen, Michael Rießler and Joshua Wilbur Using computational approaches to integrate endangered language legacy data into documentation corpora: Past experiences and challenges ahead
Sarah Moeller, Ghazaleh Kazeminejad, Andrew Cowell and Mans Hulden Improving Low-Resource Morphological Learning with Intermediate Forms from Finite State Transducers
Stephan Druskat and Kilu von Prince A software-driven workflow for the reuse of language documentation data in linguistic studies
Timofey Arkhangelskiy Corpus of usage examples: What is it good for?

The workshop schedule is forthcoming.