Registration (CLOSED)

All Participants with a presentation at the ComputEL-3 workshop must register in advance.

The Registration fees are:

  • 125 USD for Regular participants (or non-presenting 2-day participants with catering), and
  • 75 USD for Students as well as other participants from less-developed countries without access to institutional support (or non-presenting 1-day participants with catering).

N.B. Participation to ComputEL-3 is NOT connected with ICLDC6:

  • One does NOT need to participate/register in either event to participate/register in the other.
  • Registration in ComputEL-3 does NOT cover registration in ICLDC6, and vice versa.
  • We welcome ICLDC6 participants to take part in ComputEL-3 , upon registration and to the extent that space allows.